Top Workplaces Spotlight:
UNMB Home Loans, Inc.

Q&A with Don Giorgio, president of UNMB Homes Loans, Inc., a 3x Top Workplaces winner in Long Island.

Q: Why is showcasing your Top Workplaces recognition important to you?

A: Top Workplaces recognition gives us unbiased, third-party validation about what we do and who we are. In sports, you attract the best players by having a winning record. Top Workplaces awards and culture badges allow us to showcase our winning record to those job seekers who want to be part of a great company that values its people. Sharing our Top Workplaces awards on social media, email signatures, YouTube, collateral, and more, helps us to attract people who are looking for a career instead of a job, people who want to associate themselves with excellence, and people who want to become a better version of themselves and help those around them.

Q: In addition to earning regional employer recognition as a Long Island Top Workplace, you also have earned several Culture Badges. Both achievements are featured in videos on your YouTube channel. Can you describe why you believe each are valuable?

A: To earn a Top Workplaces award is tremendous. It shows how we rank against other organizations in our region. Culture Badges are more specific to us. They help to give candidates a more complete, authentic picture about what it’s really like to work at UNMB. Culture Badges reinforce the credibility of our regional achievement, by highlighting specific aspects of our culture where we excel. And, because Top Workplaces awards and Culture Badges can only be earned based on anonymous employee feedback, they really are the only employer recognition awards that job seekers can trust.

Q: When it comes to attracting talent, what do you feel you are able to communicate by promoting your Top Workplaces recognition?

A: My passion is to create a workplace culture where people can be fulfilled, feel valued and have a voice. I want to find people who are motivated to be excellent. The Top Workplaces awards are a symbol of excellence. It differentiates us and makes it clear who we are and what we stand for. That streamlines our recruiting process, creates greater efficiencies, and results in more successful hires.