Top Workplaces Spotlight:
Fors Marsh Group 

A Conversation with Ben Garthwaite, CEO of Fors Marsh Group

Fors Marsh Group (FMG) is a two-time Washington Post Top Workplaces winner and the recipient of the 2021 Top Workplaces USA award. A company that uses business as a force for good, FMG has focused on applying science and strategy to create positive behavior change in people as well as program and policy improvements in large organizations and government. A certified B Corporation, FMG governs from a unique set of values and policies that compound the positive impact achieved for employees, clients, and partners.

As the CEO of Fors Marsh Group, what value does Top Workplaces participation bring to FMG?

As a B Corp, we do everything we can to create an inclusive and healthy workplace. Our employees are in the best position to see what is working and what isn’t. They are, without question, the greatest source of ideas for how to improve.

The Top Workplaces survey, through Energage, goes a step further to help us understand how we are doing internally and how we stack up against our competition. Plus, being recognized as a Top Workplace shows everyone – employees and clients included – that we truly do live our values every day.

That credible, third-party validation of our efforts is a differentiator in a time when so many organizations claim to be people-first. The Top Workplaces award is a symbol of our commitment to our people.

At a time when some organizations might shy away from employee feedback, you chose to lean in. How has this benefitted FMG?

Employees at FMG have a voice through several channels, but none more impactful than employee surveys. This ongoing research has informed so many changes at FMG over the years that I’ve lost count. These include everything from our workplace policy to our organizational communication to how we connect as a community.

In good times and in tough times, it’s essential to provide safe mechanisms for employees to share their perspectives. Doing so enables us to identify and address issues as they emerge. When we turn employee feedback directly into change through action and follow-through, FMGers know that the time and energy they put into providing it was worthwhile. The dialogue that results from the Top Workplaces survey reinforces how committed we are to transparency, putting people first, and continuing to improve.

How has being a Top Workplace helped your organization, and what impact has it had on your business?

We are so proud of the company we’ve built but realize we’re far from perfect. We are committed to addressing challenges head-on and will never stop working to make FMG a better company. Top Workplaces is helping us to do that.

Being recognized as a Top Workplace is a point of pride for our entire team. Our retention numbers are at a historic low, and our employees readily refer others to come work at FMG. During the interview process, we hear time and time again that our reputation as a B Corp and a Top Workplace are key reasons candidates applied. So yeah, it absolutely impacts our business in a positive way.