How to Create a Great Careers Page: 7 Best Practices

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Career pages can be more than just a repository for your company’s job postings. Done right, these pages will improve your employee recruitment process, promote your company values, showcase employer recognition awards, and much more. A compelling careers page grabs the attention of job seekers and helps your organization to attract top talent. And this is important because studies show that 75 percent of job seekers are likely to apply if the company actively manages its employer brand.

Tips for creating a successful careers page

Creating a robust careers page is essential. So, we’ve put together some useful tips to help you get started. You may be thinking it would be quick and easy to fill the page with an abundance of company information. But it is important to focus on the basic rules of creating an effective careers page:

Make it easy to find your careers page

The first step in creating a good careers page is making sure it can be easily located. Your careers page should be accessible from the homepage as well as the footer. Making the page visible enables users to access it quickly without searching through your website’s navigation.

Emphasize what makes your company unique

A great way to make your company stand apart from your competitors is to showcase what makes your company unique. There are many ways to do this, such as highlighting company culture strengths, promoting your mission statement, and featuring employee testimonials. Remember to stay true to your employer brand and company values.

Your company blog is another excellent opportunity to give job seeks a peek into your company culture. Consider adding details about company events or allow employees to author posts about their experiences working for your company. The online content is an excellent addition to careers pages.

Earn and feature employer recognition awards

Another way to improve the strength of your careers page is to feature notable achievements and employer recognition. Earning third-party awards helps to validate and support the other content while providing your company with additional visibility. If your company doesn’t currently have any awards, research and participate in trusted, credible recognition programs to improve employee recruitment and boost employee morale.

Create a user-friendly careers page

While you may have a lot of great content to include on your careers page, remember to maintain a focus on user-friendly, intuitive navigation. Ensure the essential information, such as job listings or a search bar, is displayed prominently. If you find your careers page is a bit longer than expected, consider jump links as a way to get users to their desired content quickly and easily. And lastly, avoid adding heavy text blocks. Bulleted or numbered lists are an effective alternative.

Showcase your employees through multimedia

Use various eye-catching, interactive media options such as videos, images, graphics, or infographics to capture your audience’s attention. Be careful to include a tasteful mix of media options to keep your audience engaged with the page content. Including images or videos of employees throughout the page is a great way to infuse personality and encourage job candidates to connect with your employees and company mission.

Create creative job postings to stand above the competition

Job postings need to sell the job. Craft well-written descriptions that capture attention and excite the user to read them; don’t just list the requirements and duties of the job. Strike a balance between setting expectations and providing an accurate description with promoting the unique features that encourage the job candidate to apply.

Optimize your careers page

Posting new job listings to your careers page is just the first step in promoting job opportunities. Integrate your job listings with other career-related sources such as LinkedIn, Indeed, Monster, ZipRecruiter, and others. Additionally, optimize your job postings to be keyword-friendly, so they become visible for job seekers when they’re searching for jobs in the related topic areas.

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